Land Rover Discovery 2 LS Conversion Kit

Currently available!

Alternative Conversion Engineering LLC is proud to introduce a bolt-on conversion kit to use a GM LS-series engine in your Land Rover Discovery 2. Our conversion allows you to retain the factory ZF 4HP22 or 4HP24 transmission, LT230 Transfer Case, as well as nearly all accessories and factory features. Finally stop worrying about blown head gaskets, slipped liners, and give your Rover the power it always deserved.


Why LS Swap your Land Rover Discovery?

Inexpensive and Common LS Parts

The GM LS engines are the modern-day Chevy 350. These engines are very reliable and the aluminum versions do not weigh much more than a factory Land Rover V8. Found in a number of late-model Chevrolet, GMC, and Buick SUVs, as well as Corvettes and Camaros, the LS engine is the ultimate evolution of the pushrod V8 engine.


Our Land Rover Discovery 2 LS Swap Kit allows you to replace your worn out Land Rover V8 with a GM LS engine for around the same price as properly rebuilding the factory engine. The standard LS Conversion Kit contains everything you need to swap your Rover V8 for a GM LS engine in about the same amount of time as swapping the factory engine. You don’t have to go to the complicated trouble of replacing the transmission, transfer box, and driveshafts. You can also choose to reuse your Land Rover factory alternator, air conditioning and power steering system with our accessory adapter brackets or fit GM accessory components.

Driving Experience

The LS engine gives the Land Rover Discovery enough power to comfortably pass and cruise on the highway and enough low-end torque to seamlessly travel over off-road obstacles. Using regular gasoline, the LS engine gets better fuel economy than the Rover V8, while making more power and torque.


The Story of Alternative Conversion Engineering

By Land Rover Enthusiasts, For Land Rover Enthusiasts

Alternative Conversion Engineering LLC was started after a friend reached out to Todd to find an alternative engine option for the Discovery 2 instead of replacing the factory Rover V8. 

Todd has been a lifelong fabricator and a frequent participant in the Swamp Buggy Races. After seeing the capability of Land Rovers, Todd agreed to start on "a little engine swap project" that turned into over a year of work. 

From the beginning, Todd wanted to create a 'clean' conversion: no welding or cutting, favoring bolt-on and off-the-shelf components. He wanted something an enthusiast could do in their own garage at a reasonable price. After seeing the success with the first conversion, Todd decided to start producing conversion kits for the Land Rover community. 


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