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Install Services

If you don’t want to convert your Land Rover Discovery to an LS in your garage, we can help! We have worked with a number of shops across the United States to install LS engines in Land Rovers. If one of the shops we’ve worked with isn’t close to you, then we also can work with a local shop near you. We recommend that shops that have experience or specialize in Land Rover are used to complete the swap, but any competent mechanic should be able to install the kit.


Additionally, ACE also can do Land Rover LS conversion installs in-house. We  can source  fully remanufactured engines with a nationwide warranty. Contact us for more information.

  • Land Rover Discovery Remanufactured LS engine swaps starting at $15,500.

We also offer a number of unique and custom features to make your Land Rover Discovery LS swap one-of-a-kind.

Land Rover Discovery LS Conversion
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