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Why LS Swap your Land Rover Discovery with an ACE Kit?


Our kit includes everything you need to get a running, driving LS-powered Land Rover Discovery. Anyone who has done an engine swap before knows that the little things can be the most important. Unlike other manufacturers that will just sell you some transmission adapters without all the extra bits, our Discovery 2 LS swap kit includes all the little parts and pieces that you need to put the LS engine in the Discovery.

Furthermore, where other manufactures see electronics integration as an afterthought, our Discovery 2 LS conversion kit was designed from the beginning with the intention keeping the factory Land Rover electronics intact and operating correctly. Having the electronics fully operational means that the vehicle appears unmodified to the untrained observer. The electrical features of the Land Rover Discovery 2, such as the traction control and hill decent control, are what separate it from other off-roaders. With the factory electronics working, it preserves the best parts of the Land Rover driving experience while augmenting it with a better engine.


Land Rover Discovery LS Conversion
Land Rover Discovery LS Swap

Customization Options

Our LS swap kit is the only one on the market that lets you use the factory LS engine computer to control the engine, while also retaining the ZF 4HP22/24 transmission. This gives you the best of both worlds. First, you have the capability of the LS engine, known world-round for its reliability and customizability. Retaining the LS engine computer allows the end-user to easily adjust the tune and configuration of the engine. This means that the end-user can change out the cam or other components and not be limited by the Land Rover engine tuning. Unlike other swaps, our Discovery 2 conversion does not require custom internal engine parts, meaning you can connect an engine pulled straight from a donor vehicle with no internal modifications.


Second, retaining the factory ZF transmission means that you don’t have to go to the expense of purchasing another transmission. Other swaps that require changing to a GM transmission end up becoming a much larger project when people figure out they need to change the transfer case placement in order to fit everything. This becomes a significant expense when driveshafts have to be lengthened or shortened. The factory ZF transmission has a very similar driving feel with the LS as it did with the factory engine.

Compared to a Rover V8 ... There is No Comparison

An ACE LS conversion is also a significant improvement over a rebuilt Land Rover V8. The Rover V8 was a good engine for its time, but by the time Land Rover was building the Discovery 2, the Rover V8 had been pushed for far too long. The result was poor engine quality and engines that consider head gaskets necessary maintenance at frequent service intervals. If the head gasket doesn’t kill the Discovery’s Rover V8, chances are that a cracked block, slipped cylinder sleeve, walked cam bearing or cracked oil pump will. While the Rover V8 aftermarket has been able to correct some of these problems, it’s still fixing an engine that was 40 years old when produced. Additionally, aftermarket Rover V8 engine blocks can cost just as much or more than one of our LS conversions. The LS engine gives a Discovery 2 driver the confidence that their engine isn’t going to grenade at a moment’s notice. Relax, and stop eyeing that temp gauge!


Overall, ACE kits give the end-user more options, more reliability, and more power than their competitors. Kits are produced in Fort Myers, Florida and are straightforward enough to be installed by any mechanic. See more about our products.

Land Rover Discovery LS Swap
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