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If you are ready to LS swap, but don't want to mess around with wiring, we have a solution. We can modify your Land Rover harness to be nearly plug and play with the LS swap and take out all the unnecessary connections. Send your harness to us and we will ship it back with the conversion electronics wired in and new loom material that will look great in your engine bay. The end result requires only a handlful of spices. 


We recommend that you wait to send in your harness until you begin to dismantle the Land Rover engine. While you install the LS, we will modify your harness and send it back to you. 


You still will need a standalone LS harness in addition to your Land Rover harness. Standalone LS harnesses are available from several 3rd manufacturers. Harnesses are subject to an additional charges if they are found to be damaged. Turnaround time can vary, email us for an estimate.

Discovery 2 Harness Rewire Service

SKU: HRS-R02-01
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