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The standard kit to convert a Discovery 2 to an LS Engine. This maintains the functionality of all dash guages, the check engine light, as well as traction control and hill descent control. The factory Land Rover A/C compressor, alternator, and power steering pump, and fuel pump are retained. 


This setup retains the factory Land Rover radiator and a clutch fan, which eliminates the need for expensive electric fans and controllers. Exhaust manifolds are not provided in the kit, but aftermarket LS manifolds are recommended in the parts list. The kit is designed to be bolt-in except for the exhaust. The only welding that is required is to connect the exhaust manifolds to the Land Rover exhaust pipe, which usually can be completed by your local exhaust shop. Email for more information. 



  • Bellhousing Adapter
  • Flexplate
  • Motor Mounts (2)
  • Accessory Drive Brackets
  • Electrical Conversion Parts, including electrical conversion box "ECB"
  • Wiring Instructions
  • Installation Instructions


This is a significant modification to the drivetrain and electrical systems of the vehicle. This swap should not be attempted by an inexperienced mechanic. Please see ACE terms and conditions and the FAQ before purchasing. For off-road use only, may not comply with emission standards. 


Discovery 2 LS Swap Kit

SKU: KIT-R03-02
  • Please email or use the contact page to order.


    Lead time can vary, but we try to keep kits on the shelf. Kits are produced in batches. Typically, this item has up to an 5-6 week lead time from the order date. If there will be a longer lead time than 5-6 weeks, we will notify you via email.


    Does not include LS engine, LS wiring harness, or GM ECU. Comes with instructions for installation. A partial parts list is available here


    This kit works for the following vehicles:

    • 1999-2004 Land Rover Discovery 2 (V8, automatic, Left Hand drive)

    TD5 and manual models are not supported. Earlier Discovery and Range Rover models are not supported. 


    The following Gen 3 LS engines are supported: 

    • 4.8L LR4 (short chank only)
    • 5.3L LM7
    • 5.3L LM4
    • 5.3L L33
    • 5.3L L59

    Gen 4 and 5 LS/LT engines are not supported. See more about engine options.


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