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Help us figure out what to work on next!

Take our Land Rover engine swap survey.

We are always trying to do things better or make installs easier. Our D2 LS swap kit has gone through many revisions at this point. From the adapter itself, to the electronics, to the accessory drive, we have constantly been in a state of getting feedback on our products and using that to improve them for the next customer.

We also get a lot of requests for new products and customers with creative ideas for more customization. I wish that we could implement all the ideas that people come up with, but time constraints say otherwise. So, this is one place where we could use your help. I have put together a quick survey on Google Forms to help us get an idea of what features, ideas, and Land Rovers people are most interested in, so we can prioritize new projects based on interest. Even if you are not looking to do a swap, I would really welcome all feedback.


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