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The Difference Between a Conversion Kit and Conversion Parts

We like to emphasize that we sell LS conversion kits as much as possible. There is a big difference between conversion kits and an assorted bunch of conversion parts. We’ve laid out the main differences here.

Land Rover Discovery LS LT L83 Engine Conversion Swap Kit
A nearly completed Land Rover engine conversion

1. Our kits have all of the specialty parts you need to perform the conversion

Our Discovery 2 LS kit comes with the transmission adapter, motor mounts, brackets for the accessories, the electrical parts, and the bolts and hardware needed to put it all together. We even include a special assembly tool to assist your installation. The other parts that are needed for the conversion are listed on our parts list. This takes a lot of the guess work out the swap. Many people buy our kit and buy the parts on our list to finish it off. There is some room for customization with the conversion (like the intake and exhaust setup), but that is up to you. With our kits, you don’t have to figure out what you need to buy.

2. Our kit parts are designed to work together Our kit was designed from the beginning to be comprehensive. Design choices were made with the entire Discovery 2 LS package in mind. For example, we wanted to be able to fit a viscous fan with the factory radiator setup to save money and make the installation easier. This required us to come up with a different transmission adapter in order to move the engine back far enough for the fan to fit. Similarly, the alternator and power steering bracket was designed to give the power steering pump enough room to clear the power steering box on the bottom and let the A/C compressor use its factory lines on the top. These are just a few examples of how designing the kit as a unit benefits the end product of the conversion.

3. The entire conversion is pre-sorted for you

You don’t have to put the guesswork into figuring things out. We have already done the experimenting for you. Some others “kits” come with one or two parts and leave you to figure out the rest. That is not ideal for several reasons. First, buying things piece by piece gives you no guarantees they are going to work or fit together with out creating clearance issues. Second, pieced together swaps with parts from a bunch of different places rarely tend to be completed in tidy fashion - they often look like a bunch of disjointed parts. Third, since the parts aren’t designed to work as a system, you are left to sort out getting the Discovery electrical, etc. working, which is difficult. Fourth, if you have issues with parts compatibility, there’s no one to call and ask questions.

We’ve been doing these Discovery LS conversions and swaps for quite a while now. We definitely know the ends and outs of them. I am happy our swap kits are fully-featured and cover every aspect of the conversion. The whole definitely is more than a sum of its parts. This makes it easier for you to do the conversion, hop in, and start enjoying your repowered Discovery.

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