Currently Beta Testing! Contact us to be part of our Beta Test Program for D1. Introducing the Land Rover Discovery 1 LS Swap Basic Kit. This kit allows you to couple a GM LS Gen 3 engine to your Discovery 1 using the factory ZF 4HP22 transmission. This solution is a lot less expensive than changing out your engine and transmission together. Since everything stays in the factory position, there is no need to rework your driveshafts or engine mounts. Because the Discovery 1 is more simple electrically than the Discovery 2, this swap is more straightfoward.


The kit includes:

  • Bellhousing Adapter
  • Flexplate
  • Installation Instructions


Since this kit is basic, we only provide installation instructions for the installation of the bellhousing. The rest of the setup is for the end-user to decide. Because the 4HP22 requires a kickdown cable, we recommend LS engines supporting the drive-by-cable ECMs. Ho