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Rewiring a Discovery 2 Engine Harness to work with an LS

One of the most common questions we get asked is "how hard is it to rewire the Discovery 2 engine harness?" Usually, if you have a decent amount of wiring experience, then it's not all that difficult. We usually say that if you have ever wired in an aftermarket car stereo, then you can probably do the wiring harness yourself.

Our swap kits require two harnesses. First, you will need to purchase an aftermarket LS harness and ECM (or rewire a factory GM one from a donor truck). Second, you will need to rewire the Discovery 2 engine wiring harness to work with the ACE ECB (electrical control box) and GM ECM. This mainly involves stripping a bunch of unneeded connections out of the Land Rover harness and running new connections between the Land Rover ECU and the ACE ECB. This can be a tedious and time consuming process, but usually is straightforward.

In fact, with over 80% of the kits we sell, the customer does the Land Rover harness rewiring. However, for the case where the customer does not want to mess with the wiring we do provide a Harness Rewire Service. When you send in your engine harness, we check it for any damage or issues. Then we pull it completely apart and save the necessary connections. We rewrap the harness in new loom material and solder in the ECB connections. Then we ship it back to you. When you receive it, only a few splices (less than 5 usually) are required with your Land Rover body harness. In many cases, we can have your engine harness back to you in two weeks or less.

Overall, rewiring the Land Rover engine harness is very doable for most customers. To check out our Land Rover Discovery LS swap parts, click here.

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